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We're building a community of software practitioners (both Technical and Not Technical) with the goal of keeping internal tools cool.

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Frequently asked questions

I'm a Quality Analyst, is this for me?


I'm a Developer, is this for me?

Yes, please join us!

I'm a Product Manager, is this for me?

You betcha!

My company has developers and I want to give feedback. Can you help?

Please create an account and we'll do our best! Welcome

My organization has lots of custom and purchased tools,
do you cover that?

Totally, we know that not all tools can be purchased AND not all tools can be built. We want to help you through that balance.

Where do I send ideas?

Ideally, open up a topic in the Meta Channel but if you need some privacy, send a note to

How easy is it?

Step 1 - Signup! Step 2 - Introduce yourself. Step 3 - Learn and Share.

What types of tools and topics do you discuss?

Marketing, BI/Analytics, Customer Support, Devops, Admin Interfaces to name a few.

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